Lancets for lancing devices

Droplet® Lancets 28 G

  • Thin and perfectly cut
  • Silicone coating minimises pain
  • Universal - fits most lancing devices on the market

Droplet® Lancets 28 G

Product information


    The lancet is a sharp surgical instrument, usually in the shape of a double-edged spear, used to make punctures of defined parameters.

    • The shape of the blade allows less painful cutting of the skin than the needles used for sampling purposes.
    • In addition, a defined puncture depth is ensured by the shape of the tool.
    • These lancets are perfectly cut and are universal for most lancing devices.
    • They are designed for both home and professional use.
    • The lancets are sterilised by GAMA radiation.

    Warning: Droplet® lancets are for single use only. Discard after using the lancet.

    Attention! Repeated use causes the needle to become dull.

    Consequences of reuse:

    • High risk of infection
    • Higher level of pain
    • Tissue damage
    • Slow healing

    Package contents

    • 100 pcs of sterile lancets