Disposable face mask

Respirator KN95-A FFP2

  • Improved materials make breathing easier
  • Easy to wear and efficient filtration
  • Effective protection against dust, fog, bacteria, viruses, droplets, etc.

Respirator KN95-A FFP2

Product information


    • Effective filtration: Filtration efficiency above 95% for gases, dust, pollen, smog, bacteria and viruses.
    • Four-layer purification: Non-woven fabric filling, flexible medium thickness, adsorption particles, two-layer electrostatic filter, highly effective barrier particles.
    • Easy to breathe: Flexible metal fastening strap allows an optimal seal between the root of the nose and the mask.
    • Ergonomic design: Comfortable to wear, material with low filter resistance and odourless.
    • Safe seal: Soft metal fastening strap for the best seal between the root of the nose and the mask.

    Package contents

    • 5pcs/package


    • FDA Class I D373853
    • FFP2 NR EN 149:2001 + A1:2009