Sample collection material i-SWAB


  • simple and safe sample collection
  • special break point to prevent contamination during post collection process
  • flocking head from nylon 66
  • flexible neck made of polystyrene


Product information


    The product is intended to collect the specimen samples from patient's nasal mucosa or nasal concha for testing Virus (ex. Covid-19), Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma.

    The product is specially designed to collect specimen from patient easily and safely and has a break point to prevent contamination during post collection process. The product has flocking head (Nylon 66) and flexible slime neck (Polystyrene) to collect specimen from patient smoothly without any slight injury.

    The product has passed through strict quality guide lines as follows:

    1. Cytotoxicity Test (ISO 10993-5;2009)
    2. Guinea Pig Maximization Test (ISO 10993 -10: 2010, 7.5)
    3. Animal Intra-cutaneous(Intradermal) Reactivity Test (ISO 10993-10;2010.6.4.)
    4. Acute systemic toxicity (ISO 10993-11:2006)
    5. Information on material -meditated pyrogen & USP<151> Rabbit Pyrogen Test (ISO 10993-11:2006)
    6. Elution Test (USP)
    7. Aseptic Test (USP)
    8. Performance Test (KTL; Korea Testing Laboratory)

    Package contents

    • 100 pcs/package



    Length (mm):

    • Head 20
    • Neck 52
    • Body 78
    • Total 150

    Diameter (mm):

    • Head 2      
    • Neck 1
    • Body 2.5



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